Work Site Supports & Job Coaching

Goodwill Employer Resources: Work Site Supports & Job Coaching
Once you hire a new employee, an onsite job coach, or trainer, can provide support for both you and the new employee. The job coach can assist with training, potentially freeing up your staff for other work needs, and with worksite modifications, if needed, to ensure that the employee is as efficient as possible. The job coach can also assist the new employee with non-work issues, such as reliable transportation, to ensure that they will be punctual and dependable. The job coach works with you and the employee to meet your performance and quality standards. The job coach is there as a resource to you as the employer to allow both your staff and the new employee to fully focus on the new job.


For questions about our Job Coaching services, please email here or call 513-771-4800, ext. 6213.